Friday, February 4, 2011

a little update

This isn't a breaking news post. Medko has been growing like a weed on MiracleGro! He is almost entirely out of 3T clothes. His speech is also improving dramatically, especially in his willingness to string together full sentences, even trying for multiples. Unfortunately, a lot of his enunciation is not especially clear, so we are still running down near 20% understanding of the words he is using. Super fortunately, he hasn't yet gotten frustrated with us. He is still sticking mostly to functional and concrete questions and requests - after a particular cracker, wondering where Tam or other missing family member is...
Here the boys are enjoying playing at Uncle Daniel & Aunt Toni's house with their golf clubs and one of their dog toys. Far more enjoyable than boy toys, age appropriate or not!
We have decided that most of the Disney movies are off limits for a while. There are too many sneaky instances of disturbing scenes or bad behavior (esp word choices for Tam). "You want a piece of me?" from Toy Story is now a common phrase just before roughhousing begins. Which all by itself is okay, but following the heroes' leads into hitting, not so much. So it's back to Wonder Pets, Ni Hao Kai Lan, Go Diego Go, etc.


  1. We are not big fans of Disney either, my girls love the princesses buy why do they have to have witches and name calling in them. Same with Carebears, cute bears but .... Diego is a good show! Wish they still liked Dora.

  2. I use stick almost exclusively to Nick Jr. We love Franklin and Little Bear (Bulgaria has Franklin)... these two shows I have found really teach some good manners and thoughtfulness... i.e. hurting feelings... I try to watch with the kids and talk to the kids during and after the show to make sure they "get" the principles... I didn't realize how terrible Sponge Bob was until a friend pointed it out... we also like Dora and Diego, Wonder pets, Backyardigans, etc... Elina is just now to the point where she will watch a full movie... the kids loved Tangled (we saw it in the movie theater).